Electric Vehicles

Changing gas prices, advancements in battery technology, environmental concerns and federal incentives have increased interest in electric vehicles (EVs). As your electricity provider, Idaho Power is prepared for an increased use of EVs and wants to help you make the right vehicle decision for you.

EVs help our employees get around. We have numerous EVs in our company fleet, and we set a goal to have even more.

Lower operating costs, environmental benefits and performance are among the reasons to consider driving electric.

Did you know some EVs can travel over 300 miles per charge? Learn about the types of EVs available, charging options and other quick facts.

Mile for mile, it costs less than half to fuel an EV compared to a gas-powered vehicle. And with prices among the lowest in the nation, Idaho Power makes charging EVs affordable. See how much you could save!

The makes and models of EVs are growing fast. Find the model that best fits your lifestyle and budget and view available incentives.

Finding a place to “fuel up” your EV has never been easier. Outside of home, EV charging stations are available to use throughout the country.

Hear from Customers Why They Love Their EVs

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Electric Vehicles

We’re encouraging EV owners to consider Idaho Power’s Time of Day pricing plan instead of the Standard plan. The Time of Day plan has lower prices weekdays after 9 p.m., and all day weekends and holidays. This option could save you money and, by charging during off hours, you’ll help even out demand on the power grid.

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