Lighten the Load

Can you help us lighten the load?

Multiple days of triple-digit heat around the West are straining the regional energy grid as air conditioners and irrigation systems work overtime. We are working hard to continue providing reliable energy during this time of increased demand and unprecedented growth. We’re also asking customers to help.

We are asking all customers (business, residential, agricultural and government) who can safely do so to reduce their energy use from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. over the next several days.

Conserving energy during these hours of highest demand, and when solar power is diminishing, can help prevent reliability issues due to the region-wide strain on the grid. The impacts of the heatwave are intensified this year due to drought and a shortage of regional transmission connections outside our system to move energy where it’s needed.

Here are some tips to help all customers reduce their use:

  • As comfort and safety allows, turn your home or office thermostat up a few degrees so the A/C isn’t working quite so hard.
  • Use the barbecue, microwave or pressure cooker, instead of an electric range or oven.
  • Close doors, windows and blinds so the sun won’t heat up the office building or house as much.
  • Power down devices (computers, tablets, TVs and gaming systems) and have a screen-free evening.
  • Only use lights in occupied rooms (if needed) and keep the fridge and freezer doors closed as much as possible.
  • Save the dishes and laundry for the morning.
  • Avoid irrigating or running the sprinklers during these hours, shifting to morning or night if possible.
  • Turn off any unnecessary water features, as these can use a surprising amount of energy.

For more energy-saving tips to help lighten the energy load, visit Ways to Save. To receive updates in case outages do occur, sign up for outage alerts ahead of time with My Account.